Social Alliance for Love and Trust

SALT Group of Social Enterprises established in 2018, with the main purpose of implementing holistic entrepreneurial solutions to re-build our broken society.

Our VISION is to build an Enterprise for Personal Wellbeing.

Our MISSION is to ensure a pathway to personal wellbeing by empowering the potential in entrepreneurs, re-engineer staggering businesses, and build less-fortunate youth & vulnerable children through education and skill development to break the vicious cycle of poverty.


We believe that every person in this world has the right to live in peace, riches, dignity and happiness.

Star Global Consulting (Private) Ltd. is the commercial arm of SALT to implement entrepreneurial solutions to end poverty. We create wealth & reinvest our resources to end the suffering in our communities by developing business start-ups, individuals venturing into business, social enterprises and not-for-profit projects

Care Global Livelihood (Guarantee) Ltd. is the not-for-profit social arm of SALT to support less fortunate children, youth and families by giving them financial & non-financial assurance.

We strive for Completeness while maintaining a High Quality of Standard, Working Ethics, Complete Transparency & insights to every Detail of the requirement.

We strongly believe that profit generation should not be the one and only goal for a business, but it is also important to make a lasting positive impact on people and society in general.

It is said that you give but little when you give of your possessions. It is when you give of yourself that you truly give - Kahlil Gibran

We at SALT strive to give of ourselves to those who need our love and support most. I hope that these few words will encourage you to join with us and give of yourself to those who truly need you.

At SALT we strive for completeness. While reaching for perfection in an outwardly imperfect world may seem a lofty goal but we firmly believe that through creating a network of Love and Trust this seemingly unattainable goal will be within our reach. We believe that love and trust are the keys to unlocking the chains of poverty, suffering and misery in our societies.

Even the most luxurious and technologically advanced car cannot run on three wheels. The fourth wheel makes all the difference. It is what pushes the car forward. Take it away and you have a white elephant that is of worth to no one.

We believe that while many individuals and organization have throughout ages taken steps to lift up the less fortunate, most of these have been like the three wheeled car. They miss the most crucial element - the fourth wheel. Most often we give without loving forgetting that we cannot love without giving. Our well intentioned efforts fail most often in mid-air because the crucial element of love is missing.

Our community today needs true leaders, those who will give of themselves truly and fully. While we understand that this is no easy task, we at SALT have experienced that when completeness (Love) comes what is in part disappears.

While SALT has since its inception been assisting many financially our greatest reward has been the multitude of blessings we receive from those whose worlds we have helped make a brighter place. Our richest rewards have been the smiles of a suffering brother or sister. A smile of gratitude and love. It is this that has kept us going and will keep us going in the future. We strive for completeness and believe that a task half done is equal to a task not done at all.

The task is huge but we believe we have the strength. If you felt that these words spoke to your heart, if you felt a heartfelt desire to join our mission and work with us to create a world of love and trust we would love to hear from you.

- Shaveen Fernando -

Good culture requires deep human qualities, beyond conventional notions of authority.

Our consultants/subject matter experts/stakeholders/volunteers are chosen not just based on their expertise, network, qualifications and experience, but because they believe in what we do.





We invest our expertise & industry relationships to build businesses/projects/lives for better success.