Business is more than making profits and build empires.

The profits we grow, we reinvest in ending poverty among vulnerable children and less fortunate youth.

Care Global Livelihood (Guarantee) Ltd. , provide coaching and training to build a career path for the youth and educational assistance for the children of less fortunate families as well as children who have been considered by the society as unwanted, rejected or street children, irrespective of their race or religion and instill correct values in them which will help ensure that they grow up to become responsible global citizens who will, in turn, have a positive impact on society.

We are all on a journey. Whether you’re beginning your journey or you’ve walked many years, we are here to help.

What We Do

Child Development

Youth Development

Supem Kakulu - Little Blossoms

Age between 6 & 14 – Empowering Children to End Poverty.

Foster Care

Children Club

Tharuna Waruna

Age above 16 – Empowering Youth to End Poverty.

Career Guidance

Skill Development



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