We innovate, experiment, and develop creative business solutions to fight poverty

How ? Entrepreneurship and Generosity

About us

Why? We believe that every person in this world has the right to live in peace, riches, dignity and happiness.

Business Impact

Star Global Consulting (Pvt) Ltd.

Build Entrepreneurs, Build Business

Social Impact

Care Global Livelihood (Gte) Ltd.

Youth & Less Fortunate Children

What We Are Doing?

We are an outcome focused experienced professionals committed working together in developing entrepreneurial solutions for social problems, by collaborating locally and internationally.

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How Can We Serve You

We use our heart & brain to solve problems for better results and social impact.

We offer a wide variety of resources and solutions to help you become effective in the field of Business or Social Impact domain.

We pride ourselves on understanding your need, your project, the culture, and we aim to get it right every time.

Let us work towards greater opportunities, for you, for others, and for us

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